Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Scope Of Physiotherapy : Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke is the medical condition that arises due to the blood vessel outbreak, spreading the blood to the brain cells. The blood flow can occur either due to the burst of the blood vessel in the brain, called the Hemorrhagic stroke or due to the blockage in the blood vessel causing plaque, called the ischemic stroke. Since the brain is affected, at times, it can cause partial or complete paralysis. Jeevaniyam, with years of experience in managing and rehabilitating the stroke hit patients, device to come up with the best of the methods and treatments to help the patients regain the strength and life.


A person struck with stroke usually suffers from a lot of physical and mental challenges. Physically, the body becomes very weak, at times, paralysed. There will be difficulty to speak and to use the language correctly. Vision, perception, cognition all becomes a factor of concern. And it requires immense patience and care to help them cope up with these issues.

Neuroplasticity is the procedure where the undamaged cells can reorganise themselves to carry out the tasks once done by the damaged brain cells. When neuroplasticity is channelled through the correct means in the stroke rehabilitation, there will be great betterment in the physical condition of the patient. Physiotherapy does the same! Physiotherapy helps you regain the movements and functions once lost due to stroke. Your physiotherapists at Jeevaniyam can constantly channel you through effective advises on sitting positions, postures, and walking styles. Not just for you, but for the whole crew at your family who takes care of you to learn how to help you!


Jeevaniyam puts up Physiotherapy as an important method of treatment to resolve the complications caused by stroke. The earlier you start physiotherapy after the stroke, the better is the chances of getting cured. Also, the willpower and patience of the patient too count for the same. Our eminent array of physiotherapists get to know the patient first, his/her routines, how their body react to the treatment and then decide the treatment protocol. Oils made out of medicated herbs and Ayurveda traditional treatments when used together with physiotherapy have been found to produce immense results and relief from the stroke.

Jeevaniyam is the best stroke rehabilitation centre in Kochi. They provide the best ayurveda treatment for stroke in Kerala. The best physiotherapy for stroke rehabilitation in Kochi is also provided by them.


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