Friday, December 21, 2018


The world today is fast moving and revolves on the axis of time. Time is precious and it waits for no man; for we have to be real quick and swift to square yourselves with the world. But what is holding you back?

The very common condition prevalent among people today is back pain. Be it among the corporate workers, labours, or even in a family, back pain has been a humdrum today. Back pain is the beginning symptom of many grave medical conditions. And hence, an early diagnosis and treatment for the same can solve it before it gets intricated. The main reasons for back pain are poor posture, stress, structural problems, unhealthy movements, or even some other disease conditions.

Ayurveda considers the lower back pain to be the effect of Vata Dosha. The unbalanced Vata causes pain in the pelvic and lower back area. It also disrupts the metabolism of the bones. Bringing back the balance of the body through Ayurvedic treatments and care can bestow you with the relief from your back pain and the resulting complications. Jeevaniyam Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre, being the trusted name in back pain therapy in Kerala, provides you with the most effective and result-worthy treatments for the problems you face.

We provide Panchakarma treatments to solve the issue of back pain. Treatment procedures like Rookshana, the dehydrating therapy, Snigda, Swedana are to be taken as a cure to the chronic lower back pain. Abhyanga therapy with the use of medicinal herbs and medicated oils improve the joint disorders and reduce the pain. Detoxifying the body through Shodana therapy can also balance the unbalanced Vata, thereby avoiding the causes of back pain.

Along with these, yoga is also practiced by the patients as a lifestyle to have a prolonged effect of the treatment and to maintain a healthy body and soul. Physiotherapy is also done to strengthen the spine and to stabilize the muscles. The Ayurvedic treatments ensure to reduce edema in the affected parts and to increase the blood circulation. Disc complaints are also treated to a great extent through these treatments. Deducing Vata doshas as a reason to back pain, motion clearance can also bring in peace for the back pain.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and Research Centre, best Ayurvedic hospital in Kochi, helps you in bringing back your zest and to open up your opportunities for the world. Let nothing stop you!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Scope Of Physiotherapy : Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke is the medical condition that arises due to the blood vessel outbreak, spreading the blood to the brain cells. The blood flow can occur either due to the burst of the blood vessel in the brain, called the Hemorrhagic stroke or due to the blockage in the blood vessel causing plaque, called the ischemic stroke. Since the brain is affected, at times, it can cause partial or complete paralysis. Jeevaniyam, with years of experience in managing and rehabilitating the stroke hit patients, device to come up with the best of the methods and treatments to help the patients regain the strength and life.

A person struck with stroke usually suffers from a lot of physical and mental challenges. Physically, the body becomes very weak, at times, paralysed. There will be difficulty to speak and to use the language correctly. Vision, perception, cognition all becomes a factor of concern. And it requires immense patience and care to help them cope up with these issues.

Neuroplasticity is the procedure where the undamaged cells can reorganise themselves to carry out the tasks once done by the damaged brain cells. When neuroplasticity is channelled through the correct means in the stroke rehabilitation, there will be great betterment in the physical condition of the patient. Physiotherapy does the same! Physiotherapy helps you regain the movements and functions once lost due to stroke. Your physiotherapists at Jeevaniyam can constantly channel you through effective advises on sitting positions, postures, and walking styles. Not just for you, but for the whole crew at your family who takes care of you to learn how to help you!

Jeevaniyam puts up Physiotherapy as an important method of treatment to resolve the complications caused by stroke. The earlier you start physiotherapy after the stroke, the better is the chances of getting cured. Also, the willpower and patience of the patient too count for the same. Our eminent array of physiotherapists get to know the patient first, his/her routines, how their body react to the treatment and then decide the treatment protocol. Oils made out of medicated herbs and Ayurveda traditional treatments when used together with physiotherapy have been found to produce immense results and relief from the stroke.

Jeevaniyam is the best stroke rehabilitation centre in Kochi. They provide the best ayurveda treatment for stroke in Kerala. The best physiotherapy for stroke rehabilitation in Kochi is also provided by them.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Back Pain? No More Worries - Yoga Is The New Solution

One of the very common and tedious problems faced by a majority of the population is back pain. Back pain has been causing trouble to people irrespective of age, gender, area of work etc. We, Jeevaniyam present before you, one of the best methodologies to tackle this hardship. No more worries, for Jeevaniyam brings the best to you.


What can cause severe lower back pain?

        Among the regular reasons for back pain, irregular posture, sedentary lifestyle, etc top the chart, whereas there can be many more reasons for the same. Back pain can occur due to many underlying reasons. It can either be due to disc prolapse, vertebral issues, arthritis, or spinal issues. Basically, back pain arouses due to weakening lumbar muscles due to different kinds of reasons

How can back pain affect you?

        when somatic nerves are affected, it can seriously affect your day to day life like ascending steps, bending, driving etc. If they are not treated in the earliest stage itself, it can develop into more complications like numbness, aggravated ortho-risks etc.


Why yoga is important for me?

        Yoga has been a part of lifestyle and culture since ages and it is due to the curative powers it has. Rather than the physical exercises that can heal your body, yoga has the power to heal your mind too. Yoga is the miraculous joint where your soul and body finds its solace.


Should I do yoga with back pain?

        There is no harm in doing yoga with back pain, in fact, yoga can help you get enough cure in acute and chronic aches. The effective yoga poses along with the Ayurveda treatments can stretch and strengthen your muscles, returning your back to proper alignment. Strengthening the abdominal and pelvic muscles through yoga can add flexibility to your hips, reducing the load on the back.

Can yoga cause back pain?

        Yoga does not cause back pain, if done in the perfect way each asana have to be done, for which Jeevaniyam brings to you yoga, in the perfect way to help you get rid of lower back pain, instead of having them. Yoga has within itself, the power and cure the back pain. 


How does yoga help with back pain?

         When it comes to treating back pain, yoga includes a lot of back strengthening exercises which have been found to develop a lot of improvement in the patients, according to the clinical reports. When the asanas are done by concentrating yourselves on your pain, by visualizing them with your mind, the unique string of bond between your body and soul is created. 


What are the basic principles of yoga to treat back pain?

        Back pain is mainly caused by the “unconsciousness” in how you hold  your body in unhealthy postures creating back pain, unbalancing the lower back and the energy within. Yoga holds on the basic principle of concentration. Yoga can awaken your inner consciousness, helping to heal your somatic nerves and thereby blowing away, your biggest problem: Back pain.

        Jeevaniyam is known as the best Ayurveda hospital in Kochi, and it has an ayurveda clinical yoga centre in Kochi. It provides the perfect cure for back pain through yoga. They provides the best back pain therapy in Kerala, India. Jeevaniyam brings to you the perfect blend of Ayurveda and yoga to help you cure back pain. It is the best centre which provides yoga meditation in Ernakulam, Kerala.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Jeevaniyam Hits You With The Tips To Reduce Neck Pain

The generation today has gone miles forward in terms of their career and work, for which they give prime importance. Needless to say, the occupational disease conditions affecting them too are not less. Neck pain is one of the major difficulties faced by the people today, and we, Jeevaniyam brings to you, the best healthy tips to tackle the same. The best Ayurveda joint disorders treatment in Kochi is provided by the expert doctors.

Neck pain mainly arises from the posture defects. Ayurveda traces a variety of reasons for the neck pain and stiffness.




Tridosha concept can explain the role of an unhealthy diet that causes an imbalance in the body leading to neck pain.
Untimely consumption of frozen, cold and dry food can cause Vata dosha leading to neck pain.
Instead, a good diet plan that includes red rice, wheat, milk, warm water etc is welcoming.




Yoga is yet another golden ball to help with the neck pain. Certain specific asanas as described below have a very significant role in reducing neck pain.

Arm across chest pose: Sit comfortably with a straight spine, reaching out the right arm across the chest to the left side, with your gaze fixed on your right side

Ear To Shoulder/Neck Rolls: Stretch chin to chest, then rotate head from right to left, with left fingertips on left shoulder and right fingertips over the right ear. Stretch as much as possible.

Many more postures like cow stretch, hand clasping etc are found to bring in tremendous changes to the patients.

Home Remedies

  • Using ice packs to heal the swelling and stiffness in the neck
  • Drinking Turmeric mixed lukewarm milk
  • Drinking ginger boiled water or using ginger compress over the neck.

Neck pain can occur due to many reasons and these are some of the best tips that can assure you a relief from the same. We, at Jeevaniyam, are happy to help our patients with the condition of intense and restless neck pain when nothing gives them the relief. We care for your health with the best ayurveda neck pain treatment in Kerala.
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Capping Solution To Osteoarthritis : Laser Treatment

Osteoarthritis is one of the most irritant and stressful medical conditions of the middle age. Osteoarthritis is the degenerative joint disease in which the joints and the underlying bones break down.

Ayurveic treament for osteoarthritis in Kerala

Are you one among those people who is sick of trying all the possible treatment methodologies to get rid of the crippling pain and agony? Have you too been decoyed by the fake promises of permanent solutions? Fret not, for Jeevaniyam hereby present before you, the best solutions for osteoarthritis embraced with the glory of Ayurveda. Laser treatment has been used as a noninvasive treatment for osteoarthritis for over 3 decades.

Laser therapy is done by applying the laser beams over the selected points on the body, where the density of arthritis and the resulting pain is more. Laser therapy will be administered 2 times per week for 8 weeks with a low power laser, for which it is called Low- Level Laser Therapy. We, at Jeevaniyam also arrange body exercises along with the laser therapy to help the muscles and ligaments to be in healthy conditions.

Osteoarthritis treatment in Ayurveda Ernakulam

When Ayurveda herbal massages and treatments are included in the treatment protocol to aid the laser treatment, the clinical results have proved to generate a huge difference in the pain and a miraculous change in the condition of osteoarthritis. Unlike the conventional heat therapy, laser therapy can reach the smaller joints ( eg: in knuckles, wrists etc). When the laser rays are applied to arthritis affected area, a chemical reaction is made to happen by the photo energy contained in the laser rays. This can reproduce cartilage and restore the cartilage health. A quick healing power is significant in the case of laser treatment and results are obtained within 5-6 weeks.

We, at Jeevaniyam, provide the best of the results for the care and treatment we provide. Now, take the turn, get appointments from our doctors and blow away the pain that you have been suffering for long. The best ayurveda treatment for osteoarthritis in Kerala is here for you. Jeevaniyam is famous for providing the best Ayurveda joint disorders treatment Kochi.

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